Down the Rabbit hole to Singapore’s ArtScience Museum with kids

ArtScience Museum Wonderland

My arty farty kids love a gallery, but Singapore’s ArtScience Museum is a particular favourite. On our latest dash to the Lion City, visit number 14 for this Singapore addicted family, we couldn’t resist a return visit.

As the name suggests, ArtScience Museum – part of the at Marina Bay Sands complex – fuses art and science with a little design, media, architecture and technology to produce inspiring modern-day creativity. Even the building that houses the ArtScience Museum pushes creative boundaries. While its design is reminiscent of a techno-lotus flower, its ten fingers (housing 21 individual galleries) are actually meant to symbolise the welcoming hand of Singapore.

My eco-conscious twosome also loves that the ArtScience Museum is doing its bit for sustainability with rainwater collected and channelled through the centre of the building into a pond at the lowest level of the building to be recycled for use in the restrooms. Genius.

But we’re not hear for the restrooms, we’re here for art and the awesomeness of the museum’s interactive exhibitions so we fall immediately down a rabbit hole into the museum’s newest and most playful exhibition, Wonderland.

This celebration of all things Alice begins in a replica of Lewis Carroll’s study room, complete with Victorian wallpaper and mahogany furnishings, before sending us on a journey into the timeless world of Alice. There’s an extraordinary collection of books, drawings, original costumes, films, projections and animations from artists and filmmakers who’ve been bringing Alice and her adventures to life for more than a century.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

Clever maps serve as a physical tool to create a unique exhibition experience for each of us  –  our personalised maps – I’m the Queen of Hearts, Sugarpuff is the White Rabbit and Raff is the Mad Hatter, natch! Each map leads us through a different door in the surreal ‘Hallway of Doors’, as well as triggering different video, audio and interactive content for each of us. We even become part of wonderland, at least digitally, when our faces are projected on to playing cards on an enormous wall projection. Curiouser and curiouser.

Wonderland Exhibition - ArtScience Museum Singapore

We love ‘Advice from a Caterpillar’, an exhibit showcasing Disney’s many interpretations of Alice in Wonderland, but our hands down favourite exhibit is the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ – where a table of plain empty saucers and teapots comes to life through a series of madly wonderful projections.

Mad Hatters Tea party at Wonderland Exhibition - ArtScience Museum Singapore

We eventually clamber out of the rabbit hole and back into the real world, but we don’t stay long because the decidedly clever Future World: Where Art Meets Science, Singapore’s largest digital art gallery with a collection of ever-changing digital art installations, beckons.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

Created in collaboration with Japanese art and technology collective teamLab, FutureWorld takes up nearly a quarter of the museum’s total gallery space. It’s Raffles and Sugrapuff’s third time in this exhibit but they are as awed as if it is their first.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

The kids help to evolve the artworks with their own crayon masterpieces, which they scan on an easy to use digital scanner before stepping back and watching their newly animated creations shuffle their way onto the wall.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science - ArtScience Museum Singapore

They create colourful constructions with giant light cubes, bounce into the Light Ball Orchestra and stand under a stunning digital waterfall. Then they lose themselves in the magical Crystal Universe, an incredible installation of 170,000 LED lights and mirrors that create the illusion of stars moving through endless space.

ArtScience Museum Singapore

And per our previous visits to the incredible ArtScience Museum with kids, the smiles on their little faces shine as bright as those LED stars.

ArtScience Museum 
6 Bayfront Ave,
Phone: +65 6688 8888


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