Raffles reviews: Native Kitchen Sentosa

There's a great choice of Southeast Asia as well as Polynesian inspired delights at Native Kitchen at Sentosa

You know, hotel restaurants can sometimes leave me a little uninspired, but Native Kitchen at the new Village Hotel in Sentosa left my tastebuds singing and my belly full, all day long. No easy task if you’ve ever tried filling my belly.

Serving up exciting food from breakfast to dinner, I was hooked on Native Kitchen within minutes of attacking the breakfast buffet. Not just because it had all the usual brekky buffet suspects like an egg station, cereal and cold cuts, but because they had Asian noodles, curries and a killer nasi lemak station.

Nasi Lemak Station at the Native Kitchen Breakfast Buffet

I mean, to me this is like winning the breakfast lottery. But it is was the a la carte menu at lunch and dinner that really turned me into a raving fan.

The biggest issue I had with Native Kitchen’s Tropical Island inspired a la carte menu is that I wanted to eat everything. There were dishes from all the various islands of Southeast Asia as well as Polynesian inspired delights and trying to make a choice between all the amazing flavours on offer had me suffering serious FOMO. What if I made the wrong choice? How could I pick only one? It would be like asking my mum to pick a favourite child! (Although that should be easy, because obviously if she has any taste it would have to be me).

Problem solved. They offered sharing platters, so I could taste a stack of awesome entrees. There were lightly battered squid rings and prawn skewers served with lime aioli, sticky island styled fried chicken wings with a spicy sticky glaze, plus a killer island ceviche with barramundi, lime and coconut milk. Heaven!

Sharing platter at Native Kitchen Village Hotel Sentosa

It got a little more complicated with mains though, because though they do offer grilled seafood and meat platters, I was more intrigued by some of the stand-alone local dishes. However, I did have a parent and a sibling on hand to steal from, which is the next best thing to a sharing platter.

Laksa at Native Kitchen Village Hotel Sentosa

I coerced my mother into ordering the Singapura Laksa with slipper lobster, rice noodle, scallop, tiger prawn, fishcake, quail egg and spicy coconut broth, which I reckon she really would have enjoyed if I hadn’t stolen all the best bits. It was spicy, coconutty and packed with awesome seafood flavour. This is Laksa done right.

Signature Nasi Lemak at Native Kitchen Sentosa

Next up was my sister’s Native Kitchen’s signature Nasi Lemak, which was like a gift to me. You see, she doesn’t eat a lot, so I knew I’d score most of it! And I did. The coconut rice was fluffy and infused with butterfly pea (which is a blue plant, not butterfly’s wee if you’re wondering – I know I did),  the home-made sambal was epically spicy and the fried chicken on the side was crispy and juicy and so, so good.

Bebek Goreng at Native Kitchen Sentosa

But to be honest most of my attention was taken up with my own choice, the show stopping Bebek Goreng. The enormous plate of Balinese styled deep fried duck leg with a super zingy sambal and a side of jasmine rice was ah-ma-zing! The duck had crazy crispy skin and meat so moist and tender that it fell off the bone, straight into my very happy gob.

Kid friednly cuisine at Village Hotel Sentosa

So, with a handful of entrees and the best part of three mains down, you’d think I’d be done, right? No chance! There was still the dessert menu to consider. I’d hate it to feel left out. I decided on Native Kitchen’s Hula Pie, a dreamy concoction of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, crushed macadamia nuts, Oreo cookie base, whipped cream and chocolate topping that provided a perfect ending to a brilliant meal.

It’s another great addition to what is already one of my favourite food cities, Now I just need to come back and eat my way through the rest of the menu, because there’s a Kalbi Short Rib Loco Moco and a Key Lime Pie that have my name all of them.

Native Kitchen
10 Artillery Avenue Sentosa Island,
Village Hotel Sentosa
Phone: +65 6722 0818


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