About us


Just like his wanderlusting, gluttonous parents, Raffles, is a food and travel nut who spends hours perusing cookbooks and his well thumbed atlas. But, having just turned seven, my tiny travel bug doesn’t quite understand the logistical nightmare of his plans to travel and eat his way through “everywhere in the whole world ever” or that the economics involved are more suited to the Jolie-Pitt clan than ours (though of course, we’re far better looking).

Thankfully, Raffles is happy to fly “Imagination Air” and can regularly be found packing his bags (speaking of which he has an obsession for luggage rivalled only by a Kardashian’s for publicity) for a holiday to wherever’s taken his fancy that day, be that Paris, Reykjavik or Bondi. And that is the inspiration behind BoyEatsWorld. Taking that fertile imagination of his and introducing him, and his equally intrepid four-year old sister, Sugarpuff, to every corner and culture of the globe! But given the aforementioned economic challenge, how?

Struck by the wise words of that great sage, Babar the Elephant*, who said “Part of the fun of sailing through life is tasting different ways to live”, I knew I had my answer.

Whether it’s on an international escapade, exploring Australia’s great multicultural backyard, through music and play or tasting how other people live through the kitchen, we’re venturing on a gourmet safari for kids – serving up recipes, tips and family adventures with a hefty dose of humour – in an attempt to raise fearless foodies who embrace and respect all people.

*Since the births of my beloved offspring, the associated brain fade and lack of time that came with them, I’ve pretty much parted company with my old literary pals and now seek inspiration wherever I can get it. Regrettably that’s generally a soundbite from one of my kids cartoons… it’s only by sheer chance that I’m not writing a blog inspired by a Ninja Turtle.