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A chat with

Raffles has taken an increasing interest in contributing to “his” blog. And as much as he continues to enjoy bringing you his restaurant reviews, an opportunity to interview the lovely Ian “Herbie” Hemphill has inspired him to go all Oprah on the blog with a regular interview section by him about food and travel.

I admit that at first I balked at the idea as this just sounded like a bunch of extra work for his already busy PA/mama/slave. But then I recalled the words of a very wise and successful woman who I admire greatly. It was she who, during a recent chat about some of Raffles more grandiose plans, said “Why not? Don’t put limitations on him.”

That stopped me in my tracks. Why indeed? So I’m not. In fact I’m actively encouraging his love of words and interest in the people who inspire him and his desire to share their stories.

Given he has literally just turned seven please don’t expect Parky, just honest and occasionally bizarre questions from a curious little man who loves to get to  know people as he eats and explores the world. Please indulge us… you might be surprised just how much people will share with an enthusiastic young boy.

Interview Sally Fitzgibbons Novotel Ambassador

Raffles chats with Pro Surfer and Novotel Ambassador, Sally Fitzgibbons

Novotel hotels are launching a range of new wellness offerings just for kids in time for the Autumn School Holidays. The new programme includes a healthy menu and two in-room kids work out shows starring Play School’s Rachael Coopes and Australian professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, designed to keep families healthy and active during their holidays. […] Read more…

Raffles and Pauline Nguyen talk about a refugees, a positive attitude, giving back and DreamTrips

Raffles chats with author, entrepreneur and international speaker, Pauline Nguyen

Raffles has been privileged to interview some exciting people. But I don’t even know where to begin in introducing the incredible force of nature that is Pauline Nguyen. One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Pauline’s accomplishments are even more inspirational considering her less than fortunate beginnings. Pauline Nguyen and her family escaped Vietnam in 1977 via boat and were […] Read more…

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