Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports for kids

Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports © Aleney de Winter

The name pretty much says it all! Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports is all about skiing and snowboarding, indoors, though technically without the snow. And it is insane fun, with professional instructors to help guide you and improve your fitness and mountain skills whatever the weather. 

One of our new favourite things to do in Canberra, it’s not just for adults. There are individual sessions and programmes available at Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports for kids, including Vertikal’s Carve Club which helps to teach kids of all ages the skills required to really enjoy skiing.

Located in a huge Fyshwick warehouse, it feels just like we’re at an alpine ski lodge with open stone fires and vintage skis decorating the place. But the main attraction here are the the simulation ski slopes.

Hot chocolates by the fire at Vertikal Indoor Snowsports © Aleney de Winter

My sister and I were lucky enough to be able to rock the slopes at Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports under the instruction of Paolo, Austrian Ski instructor and co-owner of Vertikal, who not only trained me my sister to become better skiers but was a total hoot. The Vertikal team supply all the necessary equipment such as ski boots, skis, and helmets and after we are fitted we are led to a tilted 12-metre hydraulic ski mat. While it feels just like skiing on snow, it essentially works like a giant wet treadmill for skis. And best of all there’s no lift lines!

Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports © Aleney de WinterOur session started with the basics like stopping and starting until Paolo saw we knew our stuff and then really put us through our paces, training us to loop-de-loop around each other on the moving mat in a controlled fashion holding pool noodles before getting us to play catch with a ball. It’s not something I’ve ever had to do on the real slopes, but it sure got us focused.

Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports isn’t only for experienced skiers. One of the coolest things about them is how accessible they are and how they can accommodate anyone of any skill. They even have special skis, so wheelchair users can train too.

Hot chocolate by the fire at Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports © Aleney de Winter

And when you’re all skied out you can grab one of their delicious pizzas or relax in front of the fire on one of Vertikal’s comfy couches with a cup of steaming hot chocolate, complete with gooey marshmallows

Written by Raff  – 12

Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports
Hours: 8am-8pm Tuesday-Saturday. 8am–6pmSunday
Unit 2, Building 3/1 Dairy Rd,
Fyshwick ACT 2609
PH: (02) 5105 0202

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