Canberra’s Power Kart Raceway with kids

Things to do in Canberra © Aleney de Winter with kids: Power Kart raceway

The adrenaline coursing through me is racing almost as fast as I am as I zip around the insane go kart track at Power Kart Raceway, leaving my dad in the dust. My sister and mum stand off to the sidelines cheering me on as I slide into first place. (Shhhh… I actually came last but we can just keep that between us, right?)

One of my top picks for things to do in Canberra for families, Power Kart Raceway is awesome fun, offering kids and grown-ups the opportunity to race world class electric go karts around an extensive indoor, F1-style track. For any worried parents out there, don’t stress (I’m looking at you, Mum), the experienced staff at Power Kart Raceway provide a full safety briefing as well as helmets that both protect your head and make you look totally cool.

Things to do in Canberra © Aleney de Winter

There are also springy walls in place just in case there’s a wild and terrible driver on the track who can’t manage to go in a straight line (definitely not talking about me here).

A visit to Power Kart Raceway with kids is always a good idea. Even little ones can get in on the go karting action with Power Kart Kids. This is a completely separate track designed for 4 – 7-year-olds. It’s a simple track minus the sharp twists and turns, and there are adorable little baby karts for the kids to drive. Hmmm… given my embarrassing results on the bigger course, maybe that track might be more my speed.

Things to do in Canberra © Aleney de Winter

After another few laps on the go karts, and a few moments to recover from the associated embarrassment of my epic last place position, dad and I meet up with our pit crew (AKA Mum and my little sister) for mini golf.which it turns out I also excel at (I honestly don’t).

But this is no ordinary mini golf, this is glow in the dark mini golf! The jungle-themed 18-hole course, complete with monkeys swinging from the roof and vines along the wall, is illuminated with LED lights that make this entire track feel next level and honestly as much fun as the karts. There are plenty of crazy ramps, tunnels and trick shots to be had, made even more challenging and fun, by the fact I can barely see a thing.  I don’t think we’ve giggled so much in years! And just becasue my nine-year old sister beat me, doesn’t mean I’m not amazing at this too (Spoiler alert: I’m honestly not).

Canberra with kids: Jungle GolfPower Kart raceway

But wait, there’s more!  Power Kart Raceway also has an indoor synthetic ice-skating rink which, much to me and my sisters despair, we didn’t have time to tackle this time, plus heaps of arcade machines surrounding a cafe. Guess that just gives us added incentive to return next time we’re in Canberra.

I just need to squeeze in some driving lessons first, both of the car and golf variety, it would seem.

Written by Raff – Aged 12

Hours:   Monday- Thursday  9am–9pm, Friday 9am-10pm. Sunday 9am–6pm
125 Canberra Ave,
Griffith ACT
PH (02) 6239 5599



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