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Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports © Aleney de Winter

Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports for kids

The name pretty much says it all! Vertikal Indoor Snow Sports is all about skiing and snowboarding, indoors, though technically without the snow. And it is insane fun, with professional instructors to help guide you and improve your fitness and mountain skills whatever the weather.  One of our new favourite things to do in Canberra, it’s […] Read more…

Jet Flight Simulator Canberra with kids © Aleney de WInter

Jet Flight Simulator Canberra with kids

 “We’re going down” screams Raff as he struggles to level the Boeing 737-800NG he is trying to wrestle into Canberra Airport. Our descent is way too fast and he loses control, missing the runway and hurtling us towards the terminal at high speed. Have I mentioned before how much I hate flying? Well, that was […] Read more…

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