RDM Pizza Australia: authentic pizza at home

Raff road tests authentic, restaurant quality pizza at home from RDM Pizza Australia.

I don’t think I’ve ever had an even half decent pre-prepared pizza base and to be honest, I thought it would be a miracle if I ever did. I mean even the best of them are soggy and most of them taste like chewing on cardboard. So, when a package arrived on our doorstep that was filled to overflowing with pre-made pizza bases, my expectations weren’t high. But it turns out miracles do happen because these pizza bases, from RDM Pizza Australia’s online shop, are as authentic and delicious as the ones from our local pizzeria.

The secret ingredient in these pizza bases is their creator, Riccardo Moretti, pizza maker extraordinaire. Born in Sydney, he grew up watching his mamma making authentic pizza from scratch. At the age of 15, Ricardo was working in a pizzeria to save money and within a few years he was working with his family at La Piazza which had a reputation as one of the best pizzerias in Sydney. By 16 Riccardo won the title of Best Traditional Pizza Maker in Australia and a place on the Australian Pizza Team for Dough Acrobatics. Anyway, I reckon when you get someone that good making pizza bases then you are pretty much guaranteed to be in for a treat.

Our RDM Pizza Australia delivery included a Family Fun Pack with 5 x 10″ Rustic Edge Plain Pizza Bases, Mutti Pizza Sauce and lotsa mozzarella cheese. The packs make it so easy that my sister and I were whipping out pizzeria worthy pizzas 20 minutes after they arrived.

Mum also ordered a pack of Napoli Style Gluten Free Pizza Bases, made to an authentic Italian family recipe. Now, given my experiences with gluten free products in the past, I have to admit my inner sceptic again raised its ugly head. So, mum, ever optimistic, decided to challenge us to a blind tasting.

Kids blind testing RDM PIzza Australia

Using one Rustic Edge Plain Pizza Base and one Napoli Style Gluten Free Pizza Base with the Mutti Pizza Sauce and the mozzarella supplied in the Family Fun Pack, mum made two identical pizzas topped with prosciutto, rocket, cherry tomatoes and oozing burrata. Then literally blindfolded us and told us to taste a slice of each.

The results? Well, if I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn mum bought them from a pizza shop, and while the bases were a little different, they both scored a 10/10. We found out which was which after we’d finished, and I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite.

The Rustic Edge Plain Pizza Base has a reasonably thin crispy crust with a fabulous thick rustic edge like you’d expect out of a wood fired oven.  This is the result of Riccardo working tirelessly to make his dough tasted exactly as good as if it had been made fresh.

The Napoli Style Gluten Free Pizza Base was a little thicker overall and a little softer and spongier with a super crispy bottom that was so good.

 RDM Pizza Australia

I would happily eat either of these any day of the week. And with apologies to our local pizza dude, I think we will, because making pizza at home with the goodies from RDM Pizza Australia tastes just as good, costs half as much and is twice as much fun.

Reviewed by Raff – Aged 13

RDM Pizza Australia
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Marrickville NSW
(02) 8040 2459



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  1. Blitzo
    September 12, 2022 at 12:26 pm (2 years ago)

    every time I go home after work I bough pizza for my mum because she love pizza.


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