Review: Masala Theory – Bondi Beach, Sydney

Artwork at Masala Theory Bondi Beach

Raff road-tests the menu at Masala Theory – Bondi Beach, a new restaurant where reimagined Indian flavours meet cool and colourful design.

Masala Theory Bondi Beach is more than just another Indian eatery. The brand new sibling to Masala Masala Theory Surry Hills, this place is packed with personality!

Every wall is decked out in cool artworks that seamlessly blend traditional Indian elements with futuristic, cyberpunk lights, giving off a cool Neo Indian vibe.

Artwork at Masala Theory Bondi Beach

And while the ambiance does takes it up a notch, but at Masala Theory Bondi Beach, food is the star attraction.

Our culinary adventure commenced with a royal spread of entrees fit for a king—or should I say Maharajah? First up was Masala Theory’s famous curry bombs, which were like golgappa with a twist.

Curry bombs at Masala Theory

Opting for the chicken variant, we poured butter chicken sauce into these delicate hollow semolina balls then BOOM, the flavour hit like a tidal wave as we crunched through the crispy exterior straight into the buttery, silky smooth goodness within.

Following our explosive start, the Three Sisters Chaat made its dramatic entrance. This dish is made for the ‘gram (and our bellies). Three spikes of perfectly battered spinach crisps towered out of an ambrosia-like pool of sweet and tangy chutneys, yoghurt clouds and rasgulla (a spongy Indian sweet) chunks.

Three Sisters Chaat Masala Theory Bondi Beach

The interplay of textures and flavours turning this dish into a light but memorable entree.

In a burst of curiosity, we ordered the prawntini, and it proved to be a delightful surprise. The crunchy prawns, enveloped in a flavor-packed Koliwada batter, were served on a bed of wai wai bel (fresh and zingy crunchy noodle salad) in a martini glass. Expectations were surpassed, even when I hadn’t been sure what to expect.

Prawntini at Masala Theory

The grand finale of the entrees was my favourite! A deconstructed samosa stacked like a wobbly spice-infused jenga tower. Packed with incredible spice and heat, each layer revealed classic samosa elements – fat chickpeas, perfectly crispy samosa skins and pillows of potato all smothered with date, tamarind and mint jelly. Heaven.

Moving on to the mains, I hadn’t had a decent Indian curry in forever, so I jumped straight to the Railway lamb curry. The lamb chunks melted on the tongue and the sauce was deliciously robust, warming from the inside, like a good curry should. Served up with a side of Masala Theory’s flaky buttery Naan, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Railway lamb curry and buttery naan at masala Theory

Oh wait… yes it does! I haven’t mentioned the chicken biryani yet. One of the best biryanis I’ve met, perfectly separated grains of rice were complemented by juicy Awadhi-style chicken pieces that provided a huge pop of flavour.

Chicken Byriani Masala Theory

Pairing it with the lamb curry was a revelation. But, dare I say it, my decision to wrap the two in the buttery naan to make a lamb curry biryani burrito was genius! Apologies to any purists, but I reckon I’m on to something. As is Masala Theory Bondi Beach with its arty atmosphere and awesome food.

Reviewed by Raff – Age 15

Masala Theory – Bondi Beach
UG04 – The Hub,
75/79 Hall St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
(02) 9160 9712

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