Raffles reviews: Wieczorkowski, Woollahra

Raffles at Wieczorkowski

My neighbour Daria comes from Poland and she’s one of the nicest people I know, so I figured that Polish food would have to be nice too. You know, because that’s what she would have grown up on.  And it is. I know because she made some Pierogi (Polish dumplings) once and shared them with us and they were awesome. So when mum parked outside a  Polish restaurant in Woollahra called Wieczorkowski (pronounced Vee-chor-kovski), I just had to go and try some more.

Wieczorkowski is a shop as well as a restaurant and they have the best-looking cakes ever – the traditional babka looked like it wanted me to eat it. And there were all kinds of yummy Polish things like pickles and jams and special chocolates. But even though we were surrounded by yummy food, I wanted more than just cake so we headed out the back to sit in the leafy courtyard and get a real taste of Polish cuisine… and lots and lots of pierogi.

There was a lot to choose from, and it all sounded epic, so in the end mum and I decided to share a Polish tasting plate. It included Barscz, which is a kind of dark beetrooty soup and its very sweet, which I wasn’t expecting. I wouldn’t say I loved it but I didn’t dislike it either, I think it’s one of those things I could learn to like.

Then there was this ricey cabbage roll (golabki) that was all soft and delicious and served covered with a tangy sauce. It was so good even my fussy little sister loved it. There was also a (speck and sauerkraut) croquette that was pretty good too.

speck and sauerkraut croquette at Wieczorkowski

But the best bit was the peirogi. Everyone already knows that I love dumplings but pierogi are a little different to the regular Chinese ones we get. They’re like a cross between a dumpling and a ravioli. They are boiled and fried and filled with different flavours.

pierogi at Wieczorkowski

There were three kinds on our platter – cheese and spinach, pumpkin (with sage, goats cheese, burnt butter and hazelnut) and meat (veal and chicken). And they were all so, so good. I was super surprised by how good the pumpkin one was because I don’t even like pumpkin and I could have eaten a hundred of them.

Of course, we saved space for dessert. And of course, that meant more pierogis.

pierogi at Wieczorkowski

This time they were stuffed with berries and served with vanilla crème fraiche and a sprinkle of fresh mint and they were the best thing ever! Dumplings for dessert? That’s genius.

Reviewed by Raffles – Aged 7
(bracketed information by his mum)

78 Queen Street,
Woollahra NSW 2025
Ph: (02) 9327 7014

Note: This meal was independently paid for.

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