InBalance at Novotel Sydney Central with kids

Novotel Sydney Central with kids

Sugarpuff is on a bit of a health kick at the moment. She’s become obsessed with Yoga (her very own special version which she claims makes her feel “loosey goosey” – it’s best not to ask). She’s also become more interested in healthy eating because she says it gives her more energy (though, I doubt she’ll be giving up her beloved chips or chocolate anytime soon).

So, when we were invited to the Novotel Sydney Central to test drive the brand new InBalance Kids By Novotel, a fantastic programme designed by Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons to keep families healthy and active during their holidays, we were quick to say yes. 

InBalance Kids By Novotel incorporates healthy menus, with thumbs up icons so kids know which are the most healthy items on the menu, plus two in-room kids work out shows starring Play School’s Rachael Coopes and Sally herself. There are even healthy snacks like apples that kids can access around the hotel and gifts promoting healthy eating.

Interview Sally Fitzgibbons Novotel Ambassador

While I can’t speak highly enough about the family friendly Novotel Sydney Central or the Novotel’s new wellness programme, I think in this instance it’s better to hear about it from an actual kid, so I’m handing over the reins of the blog to Sugarpuff to share her thoughts (with a little grammatical assistance from moi). Over to her…

“I was so excited that we got to spend he first days of our school holidays away, even if away was just across the bridge from us in Sydney.  I really like staying in Sydney because there’s heaps of stuff we forget to do when we’re at home and when we stay in town, we do all kinds of fun things.

This trip was even funner becasue the people at our hotel (Novotel Sydney Central) were super fabuloser amazing. Mum says fabuloser isn’t a real world but it is, it means more fabulous than fabulous (yeah, about that).

The man at reception was the nicest and smiliest man I ever met. He was so kind and helpful and I think he made our stay more special just by being sooooo nice. In the reception, there’s an area just for kids with super comfy bean bags, building blocks, games and a TV playing really cool kids movies like The Lorax.

Novotel Sydney Central with kids

I could have stayed there all day but mum insisted we went to our room. I’m glad she did because in our room there were some bags with treats for us and a huge bowl of fresh yummy fruit, and I love fruit.

welcome fruit platter at Novotel Sydney Central with kids

The bags were like little Eskies and as well as activity packs and 3-D glasses they had even more fresh fruit and water. Yay. Mamia says that’s because Novotel really care about kids and healthy food.

Healthy treats for kids at Novotel Sydney Central with kids

Since they were encouraging us to be healthy, Mamia couldn’t argue when we said we wanted to go swimming in the pool. Because exercise is super good for you (true that). The pool was so awesome because it was on the roof and surrounded by buildings and lights and we got to swim at sunset and the sky was all pink and pretty. 

Sunset at the Novotel Sydney Central pool

My brother and I played water jousting and water wars with the pool noodles (supplied kindly by the hotel) and the spa was super-duper crazy and splashy.

Novotel Sydney Central rooftop pool

Once it got dark she made us go inside and get ready for dinner. She’s so boring like that. But it was good she did because downstairs it was like a party. There were lots of people and live music that was really good and we got to play in the kids’ corner and listen to the music before dinner.

Dinner (at Field House) was amazing. There’s a lady called Sally (Fitzgibbons) and she made a kids’ menu and an activity sheet all about being healthy, which was super fun to do while I waited for my dinner.

kids menu at Novotel Sydney Central

I had grilled fish with vegetables and yoghurt with fruit for dessert.

Delicious and healthy desserts at Novotel Sydney Central

It was waaay better than the usual kids’ menus which always have the same boring things.  (Mamia and the rest of the family were pretty darned impressed with the grown up menu too, especially the to die for Baked Goats Cheese and the Gnocchi).

I really didn’t want to go to bed and wasn’t even sleepy so I watched Baby Bunny Won’t go to Bed, which is a fun show by Sally and another lady (Rachael Coopes) about relaxing and doing yoga.

Downward dog with The InBalance Kids Yoga Workout at Novotel Sydney Central

It put mamia to sleep first but I snuggled with her and fell asleep too.

In the morning, we watched another show about shapes and it made me jump around and get full of energy.  

IN Balance in room TV workouts for kids at Novotel

Then we went to breakfast and I had poached eggs and fresh fruit, so I was still being healthy. I liked it. It made me feel good.

The Novotel were so nice, they gave us tickets to go to Madame Tussauds and I loved it there.  There were all these wax people and they looked real, which is a bit spooky but also super fun. There were lots of activities and I could pretend to be in movies with the statues! My favourite rooms were the music room, because I got to sing and dance and see Greenday in these weird 3-D goggle things. I also liked the sports room because we could be super fit athletes like Sally.

Fun at Madame Tussauds Sydney

And the fashion room was fun because I got to dress up and walk on the catwalk and pout like those weird girls do in magazines. I don’t know why they do that, it makes them look goofy.

Staying at the Novotel was awesome because I got to hang out with Mamia and I love her lots and lots and because I loved learning about how to be healthy and how well the people there looked after me. It’s an awesome place for the school holidays.”

By Sugarpuff – Aged 7
(As dictated to her ‘Mamia’. Bracketed information added by same parental unit)

Novotel Sydney Central
169-179 Thomas St
Ph:  (02) 9281 6888

Disclosure: Sugarpuff and I were guests of the Novotel Sydney Central but all yoga stretches, star jumps, super model pouting, and opinions are our own.


6 Comments on InBalance at Novotel Sydney Central with kids

      April 19, 2018 at 12:30 pm (6 years ago)

      It’s pretty awesome. ANd the healthy choices are excellent

  1. Steph
    April 19, 2018 at 10:38 am (6 years ago)

    This is such a good idea! And I love her commentary haha – especially the note about models in magazines. Laughed so hard.
    But what a great initiative and an excellent break from a kids menu of “chicken nuggets and chips” – ugh!

      April 19, 2018 at 12:29 pm (6 years ago)

      I know – it’s all stream of consciousness with her and I lobe that she thinks that the pouty sad faced models look odd! More power to her.

  2. Alinta
    April 19, 2018 at 3:48 pm (6 years ago)

    Sounds like the perfect hotel to have a holiday at with kids.

  3. Ebony
    April 19, 2018 at 3:59 pm (6 years ago)

    Oh how adorable! Such a cute idea 🙂
    Ebony x


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