Review – Mango Coco Haymarket

Tackling the lod chong bingsu at Mango Coco

We visit the sublime Mango Coco Thai Dessert Cafe, in Haymarket’s Thai Town,  to taste our way through some of the most delectable and photogenic desserts in Sydney.

Dessert for dinner? I have to admit it didn’t require a lot of arm-twisting for me to say yes to dinner at Mango Coco, a cool Thai dessert restaurant in Haymarket. I am usually more of a savoury guy, so was pretty excited to discover that Mango Coco isn’t only about sweets, and the two savoury dishes we started our meal with left me salivating.

Tom yum prawn spaghetti, at Mango Coco

The first was a revelatory Tom yum prawn spaghetti, a clever creation of al dente pasta smothered in a creamy tom yum sauce with subtle but delightful undertones of chilli, lemongrass and lime leaf. Topped with perfectly cooked prawns and a generous heap of tobiko that added satisfying pops of fishy flavour, it was fusion food at its finest. My baby sister was so obsessed she’s asked for it every night since.

Our other savoury dish was Kor Moo Yang, perfectly tender marinated pork neck served with a punchy Thai chili dipping sauce and a big wad of sticky rice that pulled the whole dish together.

We washed all that day down with icy mango passion and lychee butterfly pea smoothies that were addictively refreshing.

Smoothies at Mango Coco

But we were here for the mind-boggling desserts and we definitely ended our meal on a sugary, mango-infused high. Already impressed with Mango Coco, the desserts tipped me over the edge.

lod chong Bingsu  at Mango Coco

OMG. The mere sight of a mountainous tower of pandan-infused lod chong Bingsu – which may actually have been taller than me – had me giddy with anticipation. This Bingsu is a concoction of frozen cream shaved so finely it’s like eating fluffy powder.  Topped with pandan noodles smothered in sweetened coconut cream plus coconut jelly and coconut plum sugar sauce it was the best bingsu I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few in Asia).

I could have happily dived into the fluffy shaved ice and swum in it for hours. And I probably would have had I not been distracted with the appearance of two more monster desserts.

The intriguing ‘Eggs on Nest’ was undeniably delectable and as much a spectacle as a dessert.Eggs on Nest at Mango Coco

Delivered in a cloud of dry ice, the dish of charcoal mochi balls, filled with luscious salted egg yolk, and sat atop a nest of crispy sweet potatoes shoestrings that was scattered with gem like flashes of berries, It looked for all the world how I imagine a nest of dragon eggs would look, and every element was so utterly delicious that I even made mum buy a huge tub of the sweet potato shoestrings to take home.

Eggs on Nest at Mango Coco

But it was my all-time favourite dessert, mango sticky rice that had me swooning. But this was a next level and utterly swoon-worthy combo mango sticky rice that wouldn’t have been out of place in a Michelin star restaurant.

Mango sticky rice combo at Mango Coco

In the centre was a scoop of coconut ice cream surrounded by a jiggly, silky mango pudding, chunks of sunshiny ripe mango, explosive mango pops, chewy purple taro balls that reminded me of mochi, coconut sticky rice and a salty, sweet coconut cream sauce.

I could eat this all day, every day.

Mango COco

Instead I’ve decided to come back and taste my way through the rest of Mango Coco’s extensive menu, because if our selections on this occasion were anything to judge by, they’re all going to be absolute winners.

Reviewed by Raff – Age 13

Mango Coco Thai Dessert Cafe
421 Pitt St,
Haymarket, Sydney
PH: ((02) 8065 7034

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