Fabulous first impressions of Houston, Texas

Graffiti artist GONZO247 created a large mural in Downtown Houston in spring 2013 that showcases a few of the things Houston is best known for. Copyright Visit Houston

My first impressions of Houston, the most populous and diverse city in the U.S. state of Texas, are that the wonderfully diverse and undoubtedly delicious city is… humid with a chance of hugs.

I’ve been warned about the delays, long queues and heavy customs scrutiny when flying into America. So, I’m prepared for a long wait when I arrive at Houston’s sprawling George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

But, strangely, there’s just one person ahead of me in line and I find myself face to sober face with my inquisitor in a matter of seconds. The customs officer sees my Journalist Visa and raises his eyebrows. Why am I here, he asks? To write about why people should visit Houston, is my honest reply.

His expression changes in a blink. “Thank you” he says effusively. “We certainly appreciate that! You have a lovely stay”. He’s grinning so darned hard and seems so genuinely pleased that I half expect him to leap over the counter to give me a welcome hug. Definitely not what I expected.

Nor do I expect that, just fifteen minutes after touching down, I’d be through customs, reunited with my luggage and being lovelied to death by an Uber driver, a total stranger who appears to have mistaken me for his BFF.

What the heck is going on here? Have they dropped something in the water?

The charm offensive continues when I arrive at my stunning hotel, the new and utterly luxurious Hotel Alessandro, where I’m fawned over by the nicest hotel reception staff on earth.

First Impressions of HOuston and Hotel Alessandra: clean lines and absolute luxury at Alessandra Houston

I try to escape all the intense pleasantness in my room, a sophisticated confection of a thing with stunning modern artworks, a huge green chaise and the biggest (and most comfy) bed in the history of beds.

Delciously comfortable Hotel Alessandra Houston

No luck, there’s also a bottle of wine waiting for me with a note that’s so sweet, I wonder if I’ve stumbled upon a previously undiscovered Shakespeare sonnet.

I head in to the enormous marble bathroom with a free-standing tub and walk-in shower where I refresh myself in preparation for a lunch date.

Bath time bliss at Hotel Alessandra Houston

Given the speed of my arrival, I’ve a little more time to kill than I’d expected, so decide to pop down the street to nab a SIM card for my phone. I figure I’ll walk but given Houston’s heat and humidity, Prince Charming (the hotel calls him a valet) instead insists on whisking me off in a Maserati, the hotel’s free house car. I acquiesce, more than happy to be rescued in this sexy, leather-trimmed, air-conditioned steed.

Maserati town car at Hotel Alessandra Houston

My lunch date is equally demonstrative, greeting me with a hug and sweeping my jetlagged soul off to Xochi (pronounced so-chee), the newest undertaking of award-winning Chef Hugo Ortega, winner of Best Chef: Southwest at the prestigious 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards.

Here, you guessed it, the staff are all freaking nice. There’s not a sullen face amongst them. Even the sugar skull who greets us at the door is grinning.

First IMpressions of HOuston and Xochi: Sugar Skull at Xochi Houston

In fact, everyone working here is so happy I swear they’ve been imbibing the restaurant’s incredible mescal soaked margaritas by the bucket load. Or is that just me?

The food – painstakingly authentic, insect-infused dishes from the chef’s home state of Oaxaca – is nice too. And by nice, I mean freaking amazing.  We start on a selection of house-made corn tortillas and four mouth-watering moles, one salty, one smoky, one tart and one infused with the funky-flavour of crunchy flying ants that is my out and out favourite. I can’t get enough.

mole tasting plate at Xochi, Houston

We continue with share plates of wood-roasted oysters smothered in mole amarillo, cotija and breadcrumbs and crispy goat tacos with salsa verde.

wood-roasted oysters smothered in mole amarillo, cotija and breadcrumbs at Xochi Houston

Then comes the sautéed shrimp with chile de ajo, and an elegant ceviche of flash-seared tuna that is so pretty it almost pains me to eat it.

Pretty as a picture Ceviche at Xochi Houston

Almost. It tastes even better than it looks.

I realise it has been years since I have been this excited by every single element and course of a meal and am mentally investing in a new pair of jeans in which to squeeze my expanding belly when Ruben Ortega, chef Hugo’s brother and the restaurant’s resident pastry chef, comes to say hi.  He too is alarmingly charming, disappearing momentarily only to return with the most insane chocolate creation I’ve ever encountered.

The incredible "cacao" dessert at Xochi

The whimsical, airbrushed, white chocolate creation, simply entitled “Cacao”, mimics the appearance of a cacao pod, but lift the lid and secreted inside are a variety of chocolate delights, all made straight from the bean at the restaurant.

The incredible "cacao" dessert at Xochi

It is a revelation of textures and flavours and despite my fullness, I scoff the lot.

Before I step out into the heat to explore a little more of this so far intriguing city, I farewell my lunch date and Mr Ortega with an embrace.  Hot and humid Houston, it turns out, is a hugger! And it might just be home to some of the most welcoming people on earth.

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When to visit
November to March is the most popular time to travel with little rain and less humidity.
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  1. Nick Houston
    July 5, 2018 at 12:35 am (6 years ago)

    You could advise the route by which to drive more in a rental car? We are most likely going to rent a car in Houston to save time, but do not know which is better to choose the route

  2. Benj
    August 17, 2018 at 4:01 pm (6 years ago)

    The skull picture reminds me of the characters I’ve seen in the movie Coco, haha! What a lovely choice of accommodation you made, it definitely looks like a comfy place to visit and lounge in. Also, love the look of those oysters. You surely had a good time!

  3. Dota
    March 27, 2019 at 3:32 am (5 years ago)

    Oh, Houston is amazing. You start liking the city more and more when you start coming here more often. Thanks for shring your first Houston experience 🙂

  4. Lilly
    April 20, 2024 at 12:18 am (3 months ago)

    Houston looks so colourful and bright! I would love to visit someday!


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