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Gnarly twisted Joshua Tree's at Joshua Tree National Park

Weird and wonderful Joshua Tree, California

The sleepy town of Joshua Tree is just a short distance east of Palm Springs, but the difference is startling.  Modernist architecture is supplanted with huge weather-smoothed boulders and in place of the beautiful people Palm Springs is renowned for, you’ll find … well, a bunch of resident pricks. Of the cacti variety. Of course, […] Read more…

Dinosaurs galore at The Morian Hall of Paleontology at Houston Museum of Natural Science

How to spend 48-hours in Houston with Kids

With United Airlines launching flights direct from Sydney to Houston, an already popular hub that connects travellers to America’s Southeast, Midwest, East Coast and Latin America, Australians are wondering what the city, America’s fourth-most populous and most diverse city, might have to offer visiting families. I discover, after a few days of the city’s extreme congeniality, […] Read more…

Graffiti artist GONZO247 created a large mural in Downtown Houston in spring 2013 that showcases a few of the things Houston is best known for. Copyright Visit Houston

Fabulous first impressions of Houston, Texas

My first impressions of Houston, the most populous and diverse city in the U.S. state of Texas, are that the wonderfully diverse and undoubtedly delicious city is… humid with a chance of hugs. I’ve been warned about the delays, long queues and heavy customs scrutiny when flying into America. So, I’m prepared for a long […] Read more…