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After almost two years of pandemic-paralysed travel, the kids are itching to get out and explore the world again. So where to next? Rome, Paris, London? Nah. While I’m sure they wouldn’t say no, what they are really dreaming of is sailing the high seas, and who can blame them? PO

Cruise time is the best time: ocean breezes, exotic destinations that change while you sleep, fun activities for every member of the fam and, of course, the food… so much lovely food. So, as the kids eagerly await the return of cruising, they’ve been finding solace in the kitchen, munching their way around the globe, as we whip up global treats care of a generous selection of delicious international cruise recipes created by the clever chefs at P&O Cruises.

I mean, what could say Pacific Island paradise more than a Pineapple Carpaccio with Mango Sorbet? Well, besides actually being in the Pacific islands. We love the super simple recipe for homemade sorbet that uses just four ingredients. The kids whipped it up by themselves and the combination of tangy pineapple and sweet smooth mango sorbet had me ready to don a coconut shell bra and grass skirt and bust out my best hula moves (spoiler alert: there is no best when it comes to me and hula). Anyway, as the weather continues to heat up, the kids can whip this one up again anytime, or better still we could order it onboard a P&O cruise ship as we swan our way to the Pacific islands and let the experts hula us hello.

P&O Cruises Family. Image © P&O Cruises

Image © P&O Cruises

So, what exactly is it about cruising that makes it the stuff of our family holiday fantasies? Well, besides the obvious joys of skipping the long sleepless flight and transit with tantrum-chucking tots and tetchy teens, and simply waking up to a brand-new view every day in your own bed. Let’s see. There’s the fact that the accommodation, meals, activities, Kid’s Clubs and transport are all included in the one, quite reasonable, price. And that there’s a never-ending menu of fun activities, on and off the ship, from Kids’ Clubs and crafts to onboard adventure parks and epic shore excursions, to keep everyone happy?  Surely, for the holiday deprived (and that’s pretty much all of us), could anything be better than just booking, packing and boarding, grabbing a pina colada and being on instant holiday before you even start to cruise your fabulous way to your destination? I think not.

As sweet as we are on cruising and desserts, we love a little spice too and P&O’s Pacific island-style lamb curry has proven to be a firm favourite with the kids. Heady, spicy and warm, just like the tropics themselves, the dish, popular in the South Pacific, uses slow-cooked lamb leg accompanied by lemongrass, garlic, lime, ginger and fresh coconut, all flavours that swept us straight back to the Pacific islands.

P&O Cruises Pacific Islands

Image © P&O Cruises Pacific Islands

Even breakfasts have been more colourful since we discovered Love P&O recipe collection. Their Byron Beach Club Smoothie Bowl, available to guests staying in select suites and mini-suites, may not rock the same international flavours as some of the other exotic offerings, but it seems like a power-packed start to the day.

Love P&O recipe collection. Their Byron Beach Club Smoothie Bowl

Image © BoyEatsWorld

Seriously, I love a smoothie bowl but this one is so darned good I reckon it would be hard to find any better, anywhere on the Aussie coast, though I am more than prepared to personally explore the entire area for you, one smoothie bowl at a time, just to make sure. No really, it’s a sacrifice I am more than prepared to make for you, our readers, and I reckon P&O would have just the cruise for that in 2022.

Another dish that’s been on frequent rotation in the Eats World Kitchen is Chicken Nasi Goreng, a simple but spicy stir-fried rice topped with a runny fried egg.

CHicken Nasi Goreng recipe from P&0

Image © BoyEatsWorld

The spice mix makes this classic Indonesian dish more tasty than regular fried rice, and the runny egg yolk gives it a silky finish. This one has the kids scraping their plates clean and begging for more and makes for a fast family dinner that takes us to the beaches of Bali, even if our feet are still planted firmly at home for now…

P&O Cruises couple

Image © P&O Cruises couple

But we’re not stopping there, because tonight we’re heading to Singapore, with sweet, spicy, sticky Singapore Chilli Prawns, one of the popular dishes served at Stix in the Pantry. Inspired by Chilli crab, one of Singapore’s most iconic dishes, its savoury and spicy gravy pairs just as well as sweet succulent king prawns and I for one am excited. It’s one of our favourite travel dishes and so packed with flavour’s that it’s guaranteed to have our tastebuds sailing away to the Lion City.

If like us, you’re so desperate to resume cruising that you’re cooking yourself cruisy, you too can find a fantastic cruise deal to the destination of your dreams on the P&O Cruises website.


Disclosure:  This post was written in partnership with P&O Cruises, but all recipe love and opinions and recipe love are our own.

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