SEO Tips For Freelance Writers and Photographers


No matter what industry your website is in, one thing is for certain – you will need SEO. This also applies to freelance writers and photographers. SEO is a strategy used to help push a website up in the rankings of search engines.

When your website is high in the rankings (i.e. the first page), you are much more visible. This visibility leads to more people visiting your website and therefore a higher chance of sales and profit. Positive SEO results create a significant chain reaction that freelance writers and photographers cannot miss out on.

So now let’s take a look at some helpful tips for freelance writers and photographers to get their SEO results going in the right direction:

1. Optimise Your Website

One of the first things you will need to do is optimise your website. This means ensuring that users (and search engines) will have the easiest and best possible experience on your website. It is important to look at aspects including site layout, responsive design, page speed, mobile friendly design, keyword placement, landing pages and title tags.

One of the most important things on a photographer’s website is their pictures. However, too many pictures can significantly impact the speed of your website. Page speed is something Google takes very seriously so you will have to ensure the file size of your pictures is small, but without impacting the quality.

For freelance writers, the most important aspect of your website is your content. Google values websites that are up to date and therefore it is important that you are continuously uploading new and exciting articles to your website.

As well as this, the length of your content is also important. Research conducted by Moz suggests that if you want to rank on the first page of search engines, your content needs to be more than 2,000 words.

2. Keywords

Keyword research is essential. This is how people will find your website. There are two main types of keywords; long and short tail. Long tail keywords aren’t as competitive as short tail, but they are more specific. Your website is more likely to be exactly what a user is looking for when they type in a long tail keyword into the search bar.

Short tail keywords are highly competitive. It will take you much longer to achieve a high SEO ranking for these types of keywords. Short tail keywords tend to be more generic in nature and could encompass a number of different aspects.

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3. Link Building

Internal links are important; this is where you link to another page on your website. As well as this, external links need to be considered. The more high authority and relevant backlinks to your website, the better, as this sends the message to Google that other websites love your website as well.

It is also important to link about the relevancy of the links. If your photography website gets a link from a printer business then Google will not consider this to be a high quality link.

So there you have it, three important SEO tips for every freelance writer and photographer to help get their website higher in the rankings. It is important to note that once you reach a high ranking, your SEO efforts cannot stop – otherwise your competitors may steal your position.

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