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The incredible Isibane Se Afrika  Choir at Khayelitsha Cape Town

Cape Town with Kids: He said, she said

I can’t remember my kids ever being as excited about an adventure as they were when they discovered they were heading to Cape Town, visions of rhinos and lions dancing through their heads. And while Cape Town delivered on its wildlife promise – the kids even getting uncomfortably (for me) friendly with a couple of […] Read more…

Kid jumping for joy outside a blue house in Bo Kaap

Cape Town: Things to do in Bo Kaap with kids

Imagine if you will narrow cobbled streets strung with continuous rows of low-roofed houses, sitting under an imposing mountain backdrop and bright blue skies. Now pop on your imaginary sunnies and paint those houses in varying shades of canary yellow, cobalt blue, perky purple, retina searing pink and acid green: a place so colourful you could […] Read more…