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An open letter to Vanity Fair

Greetings from Down Under: An Open Letter to Vanity Fair

Dear Vanity Fair, I must preface this missive by admitting that I am a “throwback”. This being Mr Cohen’s charming turn of phrase for describing people from Australia in a piece of xenophobic “writing” published in your magazine. Writing that is so God awful, it’s like he bought the words in a flat-pack from Ikea and didn’t have […] Read more…

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

It’s hailed as Phuket’s must-see spectacular and as soon as my kids see the flashy video of Phuket Fantasea’s dazzling Thai dancers, acrobats, and magical illusions, they want a piece of the action. At least they do until they spot the chorus line of tarted up elephants balancing precariously on each other like giant trunky dominos. It’s […] Read more…