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Cambodia with Kids: Cooks by Tuk Tuk

19 tips for travelling with kids in Cambodia

As far as family travel destinations go it might not make it to the top of the charts, but Cambodia is the stuff of kids’ Indiana Jones and Lara Croft-infused fantasies and should definitely be on your family holiday hit list. Not only are the people welcoming and the resorts kid-friendly, it’s easy and fun to […] Read more…

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

It’s hailed as Phuket’s must-see spectacular and as soon as my kids see the flashy video of Phuket Fantasea’s dazzling Thai dancers, acrobats, and magical illusions, they want a piece of the action. At least they do until they spot the chorus line of tarted up elephants balancing precariously on each other like giant trunky dominos. It’s […] Read more…