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introduce kids to the raw ingredients

10 tips to raise adventurous eaters

I was raised in a meat and two veg kind of household. A household where we didn’t eat at a table let alone together. Dad usually ate on the couch watching TV in his undies, mum in the kitchen, my brother in his room and me in mine – not the stuff of Bradyesque familial […] Read more…

Hanetsuki gyoza recipe

Hanetsuki gyoza

Imagine if you will a child who is such a Japanophile that he saves every cent of his meagre pocket money to get there and sleeps in a ninja costume in his “dojo”. A child that, at the age of six, is so fixated that he stalks our local sushi chef and requests sashimi for breakfast. Imagine too that you have […] Read more…

Tortellini a la Raffles

Kids in the Kitchen – Seafood tortellini

Before having any actual children Mr Eats World and I, staunch pacifists, made a vow that we would keep our offspring’s childhoods free of toy guns. But in all our idealistic fantasies of a violence free kiddy utopia we never anticipated that we might produce a child obsessed with Vikings, samurais and ninjas… and all […] Read more…

Nasi Goreng kids

Bali bellies

Sunsets are something that Bali does particularly well. And the beach at Jimbaran Bay is the place that those in the know gather to enjoy them. Which is why, at sundown, we find ourselves sipping a leisurely Bintang on the bustling beachfront as our kids stalk, with serious intent, a guy selling balloons. Only the […] Read more…

Tea Eggs

Cracking up over Tea Eggs

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again. Which is no frickin’ surprise really, given that horses don’t have opposable thumbs. Luckily for Raffles, who also had a great fall over the weekend, we didn’t rely on […] Read more…

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