South African Samoosa Recipe

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South African samoosa recipe

You say samosa, I say samoosa. At least I do after our latest visit to Cape Town, where we shovelled the little golden triangles of savoury spiced goodness down our throats at every conceivable opportunity.

The samosa, originally introduced to India between the 13th and 14th centuries by Arab traders as the sambosa, made its way to South Africa when Dutch settlers shipped Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian peoples from what was then known as the East Indies, to work as slaves in the new Cape Colony.

From these dark beginnings, these diverse cultures integrated to form a new identity as Cape Malay. This cultural union saw traditional South African and Dutch cuisine infused with Indian and Malay flavours to create a cuisine that’s as unique to Cape Town, as it delicious. For visitors, charismatic and colourful Bo Kaap, nestled at the foot of Signal Hill on the fringe of the Cape Town city centre, is one of the best places for a taste of Cape Malay cuisine.

child eating koeksister and samoosa for breakfast at Rose Corner Café Bo Kaap

Here you’ll find stores selling and sweet treats like melktert (milk tart),  jam-filled hertzoggies, sticky, sweet koeksisters and their Cape Malay counterpart koesisters (spiced sweet fried pastries), as well as restaurants serving up fragrant favourites including curry, breyani, bredie (stew), sosaties (meat kebabs) and bobotie, a mixture of curried beef mince and fruit with a creamy golden topping that is the national dish of South Africa.

And then there are the samoosas. More petit than their Indian cousins, South African samoosas are frequently filled with bobotie, as well as more familiar vegetarian fillings. Fortunate to be staying for several nights metres from Bo Kaap’s colourful main street, we stocked up on bags of traditional South African samoosa daily, at the Rose Corner Café.  And when we returned to town for a few days stay at The Silo, the Gourmet Samooserie at the V&A Foodmarket became our go to samoosa station.

As our minds wander back to beautiful Cape Town, the kids’ tastebuds are crying out for more. So after a smashing out a platter of delicious bobotie samoosas with apricot chilli sauce, along with a dozen vegetarian potato samoosas with mint coriander raita (my personal faves), for afternoon tea, we’re sharing our recipes with you.


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    February 25, 2022 at 8:42 am (2 years ago)

    Love all South African Food


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