Salted chocolate chip mochi cookies

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Salted chocolate chip mochi cookies

Morish mochi meets chocolatey goodness in this recipe for crunchy, chewy salted chocolate chip mochi cookies

There’s only one thing Sugarpuff loves more than a good choc chip cookie and that’s mochi. The sweet and stretchy Japanese rice treat, that resembles play dough, is a kind of dough made from pounded steamed short-grain glutinous rice. Chewy, smooth and elastic, Sugarpuff becomes a one-woman mochi machine when we visit Japan, devouring squishy pillows of the stuff wherever and however she can.

 Whether it’s her favourite ichigo daifuku (balls of mocchi filled with sweet red bean paste and whole fresh strawberries), yatsuhashi (Kyoto’s popular cinnamon mochi triangles wrapped around red bean paste), dango (unctuous little dumplings made from sweet glutinous rice flour), or wrapped around ice cream, she loves the stuff.  Despite her sweet tooth, she even loves it when it’s used in a savoury way like in delicious isobe yaki (a type of mochi that’s grilled in nori and dipped in soy sauce).

Having depended on rice since ancient times, the Japanese consider mochi a food for the gods, frequently used in in Shinto and Buddhist rituals, and symbolic of health, good fortune and strength.  So, with her usual craving for cookies colliding with the super strength on display at the Tokyo Olympics she decided she to learn to make mochi (or dango, because unlike mochi it can be made quickly and by hand) for herself and then stuff it in her favourite cookies for chewy effect, adding a touch of sea salt for balance. The result is 12 of the  most delicious, chewy chocolate chip cookies with a ping of salt enhancing the flavour.

Here’s the recipe!



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