Review: Uncle Su, The Star Gold Coast

Peking Duck at Uncle Su

Junior food critic Raff heads to The Gold Coast and Uncle Su,The Star Gold Coast’s new sublime new signature Chinese restaurant.

When I first found out about our late notice trip to the Gold Coast, the very first thing I did was hop onto Google to start researching where we were going to eat, only to discover the Gold Coast’s food scene is absolutely popping. While I knew we’d be happy wherever we ended up, I really wanted to experience one truly next level meal on our trip. Enter Uncle Su, a brand-new Cantonese restaurant located in The Star Gold Coast, boasting a menu of signature Beijing and Szechuan style dishes that looked so delectable, I knew I was going to be in culinary heaven before I even stepped through its doors.

Uncle Su The Star Gold Coast

The good vibes washed over me almost instantly, as we entered through its round moon gate, across the animated projections on its floor, into the elegant restaurant. I don’t generally talk about restaurant interiors in my reviews because I’m too distracted by eating all the things, but this place is gorgeous.

Uncle Su The Star Gold Coast

Traditional timber work, and red and gold Chinese elements are complemented by oversized lanterns, modern artworks and cool sculptures. It’s honestly one of the prettiest places I’ve eaten in ages and ages.

Once I stopped gawking and settled in with menu in hand, I had to make one of the most difficult decisions of my eating life … choosing just a handful of dishes from the extensive menu, when I wanted to order literally everything. Sadly, Mum nixed the latter, and after almost tearing my hair out from indecision, I eventually settled on a few selections from their dim sum menu which, though slim in comparison to their lunchtime dim sum menu (which I am absolutely heading back for), was still bursting with delectable delicacies.

Dim sum at Uncle Su Gold Coast

I started basic with my old faves, Har gao (prawn dumpling) and xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings). The har gow were amazing, and I’d go as far as saying superior to any I’d had before (and trust me I’ve eaten tons of these things). The prawns were crisp and flavoursome while the skin was thin and translucent, with silky, chewy skin. Together they created a dumpling harmony in my mouth, serenading my tastebuds, It was a similar song with the xiao long bao – all juicy meat, explosive soup and perfectly thin skin.

There was no way I was bypassing the Peking Duck, which was up next. Properly, painstakingly made, it is one of my favourite dishes of all time, and Uncle Su’s was masterful Not only was it perfectly prepped, but the service was also pure theatre. Sliced, assembled and plated at our table this Peking Duck was something else.

Peking Duck at Uncle Su

Simple slices of juicy duck with the crispy skin that shattered on the tooth was accompanied by perfectly sweet hoisin sauce and sprigs of freshly cut spring onion served on wafer thin pancakes, this dish is the absolute epitome of less is more. Until more was more.

You see there was plenty of that juicy duck left over so, as an added bonus, the leftover duck was whisked away to create what is undoubtedly the best san choy bau I’ve ever met.

The duck was finely diced and mixed with a world of wonderfully crunchy vegetables, then stuffed into crisp lettuce leaves which were in turn stuffed in my gob.

Peking Duck San Choy Bow at Uncle Su

I’ve never even considered duck as a san choy bau option until now, but I think it may have spoiled me for any other version

I thought I had surely peaked after the bucket of duck I had just consumed, but then another dish arrived, piled high with some of the biggest prawns I have ever seen and smothered in a decadent, thick, sweet and spicy sauce. They did not disappoint. The king prawns were juicy but with a perfect firm bite, and the dish as a whole knocked my tastebuds so far out of the park that I felt like giving up on the rest of the meal, because surely nothing could compete with what had already come?

I was quickly proven wrong as another dish arrived. It was one that, as an eggplant addict, I had been particularly excited for: braised eggplant with shredded pork in spicy garlic sauce. The succulent and creamy eggplant was absolutely drowning in a luscious sauce packed full of umami flavour, enhanced by strips of tender pork and topped with dancing Bonito flakes. I will admit the dish was not what I had been expecting at all – it was better and blew any expectations out of the water.

With a fairly full belly already, I kicked in my alternate stomach for dessert. Wanting to finish on something that would sweep my tastebuds back to Asia, I decided on the sweet glutinous rice dumpling soup.

sweet glutinous rice dumpling soup at Uncle Su Gold Coast

Now, a word of warning, you do need to order this dish a little in advance as it take a while for the chefs to prepare it. But the wait is worth it. The perfectly formed white dumplings were served floating in a crystal-clear sweet broth and I seriously wasn’t sure what to expect as I bit into my first. The bouncing consistency of the dumpling wasn’t unlike mochi but squirrelled away inside was a sublime sesame paste that was so good, I gobbled down another two in record time.

Now with only another hundred or so dishes left for me to try on the incredible menu at Uncle Su, I guess we’ll just have to book again for tomorrow night so I can get to work.

Reviewed by Raff – Age 14

Uncle Su
The Star Gold Coast
Ground level, The Star,
Broadbeach QLD

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