Review: Planar Restaurant, Darling Harbour

lobster pizza at Planar restaurant Darling Harbour

I’ve fallen pretty hard. In fact, my new love is so laid back and lovely, I’m thinking of proposing. Honestly with great views, an awesome vibe, next level pizzas, silky smooth pasta and tasty, well…everything, what is there not to love about Planar Restaurant?

Serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner, Planar Restaurant is located under the International Conference Centre with views over Darling Harbour. We visited on a Saturday night and the restaurant had a buzzy vibe with live music pumping through the speakers and people all around us having fun. The service was lovely, and our waitress was the best. Not only because she was so nice, but because she has an extensive knowledge of the modern Australian menu and made sure we chose wisely so we could have the best meal we possibly could.

Planar Restaurant review

We started our meal with prawn lollipops, served with a silky smooth Sriracha butter sauce, the heat of the Sriracha balanced with a refreshing tang of lime and an unexpected (but welcome) hint of sweetness that mixed together to create a flavour bomb of spicy goodness.

We had to try one of their pizza offerings and were spoiled for choice with the amazing toppings. We finally settled on the most decadent option…

You might wonder how you could possibly make pizza better? The answer is simple! By sticking a ton of lobster on it. The base of our lobster pizza was crispy and airy, the base tomato sauce was zingy with a hint of chilli and garlic, but the star of the show was the whole half lobster, cooked to perfection, that was swimming through the mozzarella cheese on top and then straight into my belly.

lobster pizza at Planar restaurant Darling Harbour

As excited as I was about the lobster pizza, the real highlight of my meal was the pasta. Made on site, its silky and perfectly al dente. There’s a sensational creamy garlic prawn linguine, with marinated prawns tossed in garlic and cream but it’s the duck ravioli that is the showstopper.

Duck ravioli and prawn lollipops at Planar Restaurant Darling Harbour

I order it on recommendation and it proves to be everything it’s quacked up to be (yeah, sorry about that). Served in a lightly creamy tomato sauce with dried cherry tomatoes for an extra punch of flavour, the plump ravioli dumplings are jam-packed with juicy shredded duck that are so good I consider ordering a second serve. I am legit in love.

Raspberry and pistachio dome Planar Restaurant Darling Harbour

To finish up I decided a pistachio and raspberry dome filled with a coconut dacquoise biscuit, dark chocolate mousse and a gooey pistachio and raspberry centre, green glaze. It’s sticky and soft and though it’s a perfect end to the meal, I really don’t want this love story to end.

Hmm… what sort of ring do you reckon I should buy?

Reviewed by Raff – Aged 13

Planar Restaurant
ICC Sydney,
Shop C08, Ground Floor/14 Darling Drive,
Darling Harbour, Sydney
PH: (02) 9212 6789

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