Nocturnal lights up Scenic World

Nocturnal at Scenic World

We explore the Jamison Valley under cloak of darkness at Scenic World’s dazzling new immersive light experience, Nocturnal.

In the heart of the Blue Mountains, nestled amongst the ancient eucalyptus and soaring sandstone cliffs, Scenic World, revered for its breathtaking daytime panoramas of the Jamison Valley, has undergone a luminous metamorphosis with the unveiling of Nocturnal, an invitation to rediscover the beauty of the valley under the velvet cloak of a moonlit sky.

Until May 11th, visitors can experience Scenic World’s exhilarating Scenic Railway, Cableway, and Skyway in a whole new light! Literally. Nocturnal will illuminate the renowned attractions and the forest floor in swathes of colour and sparkling light.

Nocturnal at Scenic World

As we approach, flickering firepits beckon, casting their warm glow upon the eager faces of Sugarpuff, who has somehow managed to snaffle a couple of giant marshmallows skewered on long sticks.

toasting marshmallows at scenic world

A light plinth bathed in a warm glow has captured Raff’s attention. It’s a stunning Welcome to Country message, crafted in the Gundungurra language by Uncle David King, a Gundungurra Custodian and Indigenous Engagement Officer at Scenic World. The plinth whispers stories about the significance of the night sky in the Gundungurra culture and is an invitation to enter Gundungurra Country.

Welcome to Country at Scenic World’s Nocturnal

Accepting this gracious invitation, our world tilts on its axis as we board the world’s steepest railway and plunge into the cool embrace of the rainforest. The illuminated boardwalks of the LUNA Light Journey unfurl before us, revealing a technicolour wonderland where shimmering light installations paint the rainforest canopy in an otherworldly glow. A holographic possum scurries up a tree, while a flitting, ethereal bird chirps happily.

Sugarpuff dances along the path, her every step triggering a cascade of twirling flowers projected beneath her feet.

Nocturnal at Scenic World

Little ones, brandishing light wands like neon Excaliburs, embark on a scavenger hunt in a whirlwind of giggles as they decipher clues hidden amongst the luminous displays to unlock the secrets of the ancient Gundungurra Creation Story. But Nocturnal isn’t just a playground for the young. Even the most jaded teenager (AKA Raff) can’t help but be enchanted by the magic woven into the ancient forest.

Nocturnal at Scenic World

Ever the eco-evangelist, he’s on a mission of his own, scanning the illuminated foliage for hidden rainforest creatures, pleased in the knowledge that the exhibition has been meticulously crafted in collaboration with ecologists to ensure the exhibition has minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem.

Nocturnal at Scenic World

But what is an evening of wonder without sustenance to nourish the soul? Shooting back up the escarpment on the Scenic CableWay to Eats270, Nocturnal-themed treats await. Burgers towering higher than the treetops? Check. Stacks of churro chips that are impossible not to eat. Double check.

Nocturnal at Scenic World

Just when we think the night can’t get any more lit (pun intended), we take to the final leg of the Nocturnal journey—the Scenic Skyway. Dangling in the inky darkness, 270 metres above the valley floor like a giant disco ball, the sight of floodlit Katoomba Falls cascading down the cliff face is a breathtaking finale, that’s perfectly representative of this seamless merging of technology and nature.

Tips for exploring Nocturnal at Scenic World with kids

1. Book your tickets in advance. Nocturnal at Scenic World is a limited-time event, and tickets are selling fast.
2. Bring your winter woollies. The mountain air gets chilly at night in autumn.
3. Grab some glow sticks. While you can purchase all manner of glowing swords and sticks at the venue, consider bringing a packet of el cheapo glow sticks. They not only add to the fun but also make it easier for you to keep an eye on your kids, especially little ones, in dimly lit areas.
4. Make a weekend of it. Stay in style at Lilianfels Resort & Spa where children aged 12 years and under can enjoy the Lilianfels Kids Stay & Eat Free package during stays from April 1st to April 30th, 2024.

Nocturnal runs from April 12 to May 11, 2024, on select nights, including every night in the school holidays. Visit Scenic World for dates, session times, and tickets.

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