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Mie Goreng is one of the ultimate Asian comfort foods, something whipped up in households across Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. In fact, you’ll find the ubiquitous noodle dish popping up everywhere from street stalls to swanky restaurants.

Each of those countries has its own take on Mie Goreng, though the dish is traditionally made with Hokkein (egg) noodles stir fried with shallots, garlic, soy sauce, egg, vegetables, and a variety of proteins.   And while we’ve tasted many variations of the dish across Asia, it was as we ate our way through Bali’s many delicious street snacks, that we fell in love with the luscious noodles.

Good job too, because the oh-so-silky Indonesian Mie Goreng appears to be served for breakfast, lunch and tea… and who are we to say no to that? For us, it is near impossible to bypass the brightly coloured street carts hawking the irresistibly sweet, salty, spicy noodles, studded as they are with juicy strips of chicken, pork or beef and a smattering of prawns, and served accompanied with hot sambal. OK, I admit that that may be because we have zero self-control around food, but still…

Our own Indonesian Mie Goreng recipe has evolved from the many variations we’ve tried in Bali and we use both chicken and pork variations. It must be noted that in much of Indonesia Islamic halal dietary law forbids the consumption of pork but in majority Hindu Bali, pork is a staple, hence the use of it in our recipe, but you can substitute the meat of your choice.

This recipe is so simple, 12-year old Raff whips it up in our wok weekly, like a boss!  Enjoy.


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