The best Hokkaido Soup Curry Recipe

Hokkaido Soup Curry Recipe

Everyone knows that Hokkaido is home to some of Japan’s best sushi and seafood, and given it is just a hop, skip and a halfpipe away from snowy Siberia, some of the country’s best skiing. But what they might not know is that the island, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is also the home of Hokkaido Soup Curry, a killer curry served in a broth packed with chicken and vegetables.

Hearty, spicy and frankly addictive, Hokkaido soup curry is a popular traditional dish and the polar opposite of the lean and clean Japanese cuisine that most people know and love. Also referred to as Sapporo soup curry, in reference to the town of its origin, it is the ultimate comfort food after a day of skiing Japan’s perfect powdery slopes.

Most Sapporo style soup curries star a roasted chicken leg and are boldly accessorised with a rainbow of roasted or deep-fried vegetables including chilies, lotus root, pumpkin, eggplant, and potatoes, all bathed in a spicy golden soup, the more fiery the better.

Eaten with a side of rice, Hokkaido Soup Curry became one of Raffles’ go to dishes at Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU after a day of powdery action. In fact, the kid would practically climb in to wallow in bowls of the stuff to warm up his frosty insides.

So, it is hardly surprising that as the weather turns a little cooler down under, his mind (which has always been located somewhere in the vicinity of his gut) has been wandering back to Hokkaido and a bowl of the sensational stuff. And who am I to deny him a taste of that at home?

Here’s our take on the tastiest of savoury winter treats, Hokkaido Soup Curry.

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