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introduce kids to the raw ingredients

10 tips to raise adventurous eaters

I was raised in a meat and two veg kind of household. A household where we didn’t eat at a table let alone together. Dad usually ate on the couch watching TV in his undies, mum in the kitchen, my brother in his room and me in mine – not the stuff of Bradyesque familial […] Read more…

kids reading books

10 children’s books to grow good global citizens

Believe it or not the residents of Casa Eats World are not always eating… or travelling. But that doesn’t mean that our offspring aren’t thinking about exploring and tasting other lands pretty much every waking moment. In fact, my nomadic spawn are a little too eager to hit the road and find it difficult to comprehend the logistical […] Read more…

travel crazy kids

8 secrets for family holiday savings

*sponsored post Raffles and Sugarpuff have been getting their nag on quite a bit lately because it’s been six whole weeks since they’ve been on a holiday. While I’m thrilled that my tiny travel bugs love visiting new destinations and time on the road, as I’ve mentioned before, they don’t quite understand the logistical nightmare […] Read more…

flying with kids

Tour of duty // travelling with toddlers

Holidays mean time for the family to relax and share new experiences, right? That is unless you’re travelling with toddlers who, if you aren’t prepared, are likely to make the whole experience more like herding cats. Travelling with toddlers does come with its challenges but after many, many attempts we’ve finally gotten it down to […] Read more…

all tied up in knots over our wedding day.

There’s a hole in my bucket list

“Mama, what’s a bucket list?” asked Raffles after hearing someone drop the ubiquitous phrase in conversation. Which is how I found myself introducing Raffles to the concept of a “Bucket List” without sharing its more morbid connotations (something I’m not even remotely equipped to explain away to a four-year old).   To save myself from THAT […] Read more…

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