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Take a longboat tour through Bangkok's Klongs

39 things to do in Bangkok with kids

Hailed as the “Venice of the East”, Thailand’s boisterous Bangkok offers visiting families a chaotic but cool combination of fast-paced city life and ancient culture. It is a city for all the senses with dazzling lights, the fragrant scent of street food, sprawling shrines to consumerism, and the cacophonous honking and tooting of tricked-up tuk-tuks. […] Read more…

Raffles at East Coast Lagoon Food Village -A glutton’s ultimate guide to Singapore dining

A glutton’s ultimate guide to Singapore dining

Given Singapore’s national sports appear to be eating and drinking, it’s hardly surprising that, as a card-carrying glutton, it is a destination that has wormed its way into my heart, via my fickle stomach. Without doubt one of the best food cities on earth, traders and settlers from Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia and Europe have […] Read more…

Gotokuji, The Waving Cat Temple in Tokyo

Gotokuji: The Lucky Cat Temple in Tokyo

  From Sanrio’s sassy Hello Kitty to ancient Edo cat literature and cat art, cat cafés, cat islands and even an unofficial cat holiday – Nyan Nyan Nyan Day – held each year on February 22, you could be forgiven for thinking that Japan is utterly smitten with kittens. So, it turns out, are Raffles […] Read more…