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Raffles and Pauline Nguyen talk about a refugees, a positive attitude, giving back and DreamTrips

Raffles chats with author, entrepreneur and international speaker, Pauline Nguyen

Raffles has been privileged to interview some exciting people. But I don’t even know where to begin in introducing the incredible force of nature that is Pauline Nguyen. One of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Pauline’s accomplishments are even more inspirational considering her less than fortunate beginnings. Pauline Nguyen and her family escaped Vietnam in 1977 via boat and were […] Read more…

The Dragon's Express at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley with kids

Holiday fun at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley with kids

Weekend breaks in the Hunter Valley used to mean a long day aof wine tasting and purchasing, then a longer night drinking all the bottles we’d purchased “to cellar”. The next day would be about nursing an epic hangover, knocking back some ibropufen, then doing it all over again. But weekends like these were relegated to the […] Read more…