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armchair travel with kids on netflix

Armchair travel with kids

Raffles and Sugarpuff have chronic wanderlust in their DNA, so it’s a rare moment the tiny travellers aren’t dreaming of new adventures to far flung destinations. As much as I’d love to make all their travel dreams come true, our bank balance is not on the same page. So how do we scratch their itchy feet without a trip to the airport? Turns out that armchair travel […] Read more…

A furo soaking tub at Aman Tokyo

The A-List: Aman Tokyo with kids

Raffles and Sugarpuff love a hotel stay, but not for the cool kids clubs, fun family activities and customised kids menus in their restaurants. In fact, it’s in spite of them. I just can’t seem to sell the idea on them… they’d much rather share the same experiences as us. And that’s ok with me. […] Read more…

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

Why we said no to riding elephants in Thailand

It’s hailed as Phuket’s must-see spectacular and as soon as my kids see the flashy video of Phuket Fantasea’s dazzling Thai dancers, acrobats, and magical illusions, they want a piece of the action. At least they do until they spot the chorus line of tarted up elephants balancing precariously on each other like giant trunky dominos. It’s […] Read more…