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kooky christmas customs

19 kooky Christmas customs from around the world

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of sparkling fun and heartwarming traditions like leaving out magic oats for Santa’s reindeer, decorating the tree in garish but gorgeous baubles, getting gifts from benevolent drunks, bashing poo logs and being eaten by wild cats…  Umm… what? While most of the Christmas traditions we celebrate […] Read more…

Pain perdu at Hemingway's Manly

Raffles reviews: Hemingway’s Manly

Ernest Hemingway was a really, really famous writer who liked to travel around the world. He wasn’t French. But Hemingway’s Manly is. Well at least it’s own owners are. And it’s food. And it’s really, really good. The restaurant is on the beach at Manly, and is so cool. It looks like an old library […] Read more…