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Easy cheesy fondue

Easy Cheesy Fondue

The first and last time I ate fondue was in Switzerland. I was in my twenties, swanning around lovely Lake Lucerne with my now ex-husband. He annoyed me. I stabbed him with a fondue fork. The rest, as they say, is history. While the company was dubious at best, the fondue was superb. So much […] Read more…

The look on this face says it all - At Salty Rooster Manly

Raffles reviews: Salty Rooster Manly

Who doesn’t love a good burger? I sure do. And the burgers at Salty Rooster in Manly are really, really good. But that’s because they’re not just any old burgers. As you might guess from the name, Salty Rooster is all about chicken burgers but chicken burgers that will take your tastebuds all over the world. My first visit was a […] Read more…

SUgarpuff could do with a little Kids First Aid training by the look of this bandaging job

4 first aid essentials for travelling families

So you’ve booked your flights, packed the sunscreen and swimmers, and invested in that must have inflatable flamingo. But before you get close the zip on your suitcase, there’s one holiday essential you’ve probably forgotten! And it is, without doubt, the most important item a parent can pack. That item is knowledge. Or more specifically the knowledge of exactly what […] Read more…