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Ross Lusted's Murray Cod on an IG Culinary Journey

A culinary journey with Intercontinental Hotels

We make no secret of our love of a culinary adventure. So when I was asked if I’d like go on a “voyage of flavour” at the rather grand Intercontinental Sydney as part of the hotel group’s newly launched Culinary Journey program, the answer was of course, a resounding “hell yeah!” But sadly, given this […] Read more…

Takoyaki - Japanese Octopus Balls recipe

Street Eats, Golden Snitches & Takoyaki Octopus Balls

I’ve written previously about our unhealthy obsession with hot steamy balls. Octopus balls that is. Before you get excited, I’m not talking about the gonads of an octopus (which, incidentally, are located in their heads… should you ever happen to be looking), I’m talking takoyaki, those dangerously addictive spheres of flour, eggs and dashi, studded with octopus pieces, ginger and green […] Read more…

Raffles idea of good and bad packing

15 Tips for Travelling with Parents

When it comes to travelling with kids, there’s not a lot of advice that hasn’t already been covered at length. Thank goodness! Having flitted around the world with our children since they were compact travel size tots, we know that travelling with young kids is not unlike herding cats. And we also know that, for the first […] Read more…