September 2014 archive

kid visiting Iorofa Cultural Village

Welcome to the Jungle // Iarofa Village Vanuatu

I holler in fright as a half-naked warrior leaps out from the undergrowth. Two more suddenly appear from the jungle armed with spears and arrows that are pointed directly at our heads.  Now, I don’t like to make assumptions (and by ‘don’t’ I actually mean it’s my hobby) but, given the scowling faces and life threatening stance, […] Read more…

Chicken Momo

A taste of Nepal // The Muglan

“Mama, let’s go to Batman Do!”  is the typically odd demand I receive from Raffles. My head is immediately full of disturbing mental images of a town populated by an army of Adam West era Batman’s. Just think of all that spandex clad paunch. Quel horreur. It would be like being forced to sit through an episode of Jersey Shore.  “If you can […] Read more…