February 2013 archive

kids in cabramatta

Cabra crawl

“Has anyone ever written an article about an Asian city without using the words ‘bustling’ or ‘teeming’?” asked a friend on Facebook just as I was writing this post about Cabramatta which, while technically an Australian city, is one that definitely owes a fundamental part of its character to Asia. In fact Cabramatta is probably […] Read more…

CCC Rarotonga

Singing hymns and swinging hips in Rarotonga

We’re not what exactly what you’d call regular churchgoers. And by not regular I actually mean never. But in an effort to immerse ourselves into Rarotonga’s local culture, and out of respect for the local and their beliefs, we’ve found ourselves bathing in the glow of stained-glass in a pretty whitewashed church on a sunny […] Read more…

Happy kids in Raro

By Hook or by Cook – Cook Islands with kids

The best place, in my humble opinion, to start uncovering the real spirit of a new destination is via its local markets and we’re lucky to have arrived in Rarotonga early enough on a Saturday morning that we can join the locals for a stroll around Raro’s weekly Punanga Nui Markets. It is here that Sugarpuff thirstily […] Read more…