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snowballs at thredbo kids

Thredbo: Ice Magic

“Mama, snow is cold”  declares Raffles  as we arrive at Thredbo. The boy is a genius. We’ve arrived at Thredbo Village just as tiny white flakes of snow start to fall from the sky. Perfect. Timing. Raffles has never seen snow but we are all mesmerised by the magical sight of the frosty ice fairies dancing about our car and […] Read more…

Whole lotta fun in Thredbo

Thredbo: Breaking the ice

Athletic is a word that I’m almost certain has never been used in a sentence that also contains my name. You see, I have all the sporting prowess of lichen and the agility of the average barnacle. Can I catch a ball? Not if the future of mankind depended on it. Swimming, you ask? I’m […] Read more…