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Didgeridoo player at Tjabukai

Cairns with kids: Tjapukai Nightfire

Given their mother’s rampant bleeding heart hippie Kool Aid supping ways, there was never a chance our kids would grow up without respect and recognition of Indigenous Australians. But Raffles has surprised me with his passion for Aboriginal culture. We’re more than happy to indulge his cultural quest for knowledge and, wherever possible on our travels around Australia, expose him […] Read more…

Extraordinary sunset at Tali Wiru Uluru

Romancing the stone at Tali Wiru Uluru

I’ll never forget my first time. I was just 17. It was in the back of a car, my body glistening with perspiration from the heat, my heart beating with excitement. It was everything it had been cracked up to be and more. My first sight of Uluru. One moment ochre-brown, the next blazing red, […] Read more…