SNowfight at Charlotte Pass

16 Hot hacks for a cool snow holiday

Believe it or not, skiing has been around since before the wheel. While it’s only been seen as a leisure sport for a few hundred years, cave paintings dating back as far as 20,000 years show early man attaching sticks to his feet. It’s safe to either assume that it was as a mode of […] Read more…

Family fun at Perisher

Skiing with kids at Perisher

The onset of cold weather means only one thing at Casa Eats World! Nagging. Incessant freaking nagging! You see, my little powder pups are hooked on ice… though thankfully it’s the the type that falls from the sky as opposed to the type that’s manufactured in a garage. As soon as the temperature drops below 20 […] Read more…

snowballs at thredbo kids

Thredbo: Ice Magic

“Mama, snow is cold”  declares Raffles  as we arrive at Thredbo. The boy is a genius. We’ve arrived at Thredbo Village just as tiny white flakes of snow start to fall from the sky. Perfect. Timing. Raffles has never seen snow but we are all mesmerised by the magical sight of the frosty ice fairies dancing about our car and […] Read more…