zongzi at Cabramatta Moon festival

Illawarra Fly me to the Moon Festival

There’s nothing quite like a highland fling, especially when said flinging is flung amongst the treetops. We’re in the Southern Highlands at Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk – a suspended, cantilevered one way ticket to vertigoland. And it’s raining. A lot. But worry not because we’ve got a couple of oversized garbage bags to protect us […] Read more…

Peace, love & respect

Pride and prejudice // Aboriginal Tent Embassy

To those who ask me (and I am asked, with astounding frequency) what’is the point of travelling and exposing my children to different cultures and people at such a young age? Let me tell you a little story. The Eats Worlds and a giant plastic pineapple named Johnny (don’t ask) are visiting the National Capital, dodging […] Read more…

This one's coming home with me

Canberra with kids: Everybody’s truffling

Mr Eats World and I have a thing for subterranean fungi. So much so that back in the day, and struggling with infertility, we compensated for our lack of offspring with a lot of fine dining and many freshly shaved truffles. Indeed, it was over a truffle-laden degustation dinner at Claude’s that we made Raffles, […] Read more…

Heart reef, Whitsundays

Whitsunday wingman

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret. I am afraid of flying! Well I’m not so much afraid of flying as I am of crashing, but let’s not split hairs. Either way it proves a little awkward given I make my living out of travel and spend quite a bit time […] Read more…

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