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"wherever you go, go with heart" - confucius

Small world, big dreams: Travelling with kids

A couple of weeks ago Raffles asked, “Mama, do you know what my favourite thing in the world is?” I naturally assumed that the answer involved a guitar playing Ninja Turtle with a super-sized serve of dumplings. But I was wrong. If I’d only phoned a friend I would have discovered the answer was, and […] Read more…

flying with kids

Tour of duty // travelling with toddlers

Holidays mean time for the family to relax and share new experiences, right? That is unless you’re travelling with toddlers who, if you aren’t prepared, are likely to make the whole experience more like herding cats. Travelling with toddlers does come with its challenges but after many, many attempts we’ve finally gotten it down to […] Read more…

Carnival Spirit docked at Circular Quay

Cruising with kids on Carnival Spirit

Raffles, Sugarpuff and I are sitting by the Harbour waving our old friend and resident megaship, Carnival Spirit, out of Sydney. It’s been a wee while since our clan of clowns ran away to join her cruising circus but watching folk frolicking merrily on deck as she sails gracefully away has us reminiscing about our own […] Read more…